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I'm a Graphic designer, Artist, Art Educator. the Founder of the "Da Vinci Way" method from Chicago, USA.

I've been working in the design and art industry for over 16 years.

 My passion for design is much bigger than to make a new concept that works great  - I love, breathe and live design.

 My primary focus in corporate identity, print, packaging and illustration; the secondary focus is UI design, infographics and web layouts. I’m very good at visualizing things, bringing fresh ideas, remaking stuff and rebranding.  


 I’m a problem solver and strive to deliver the most effective solutions. Successful multi-tasking several projects, and able to work effectively as a team player and excel under pressure.

My hobbies like painting, drawing and photography help me to expand my limits as a graphic designer. All the above combined with a traditional visual art training, limitless Imagination and creativity. 

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